graphene is a  new state of the art material that we are using on our electrodes.

Vega Energy Systems is a Clean Energy Company

Vega Energy Systems is a Clean Energy Company Vega Energy Systems is a Clean Energy Company Vega Energy Systems is a Clean Energy Company

Vega Energy Systems has the best electrode design

Our Mission


Clean Air on planet earth is a necessity to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  Global Warming is a worldwide problem that must be solved in the near future in order to sustain a healthy planet. The continued, unrestrained use of fossil fuels will contribute to global warming causing life-threatening, worldwide environmental, financial and humanitarian disasters.

At Vega Energy Systems, a start-up corporation, our mission is to seek solutions to help end global warming and future fossil fuels pollution through the use of our clean energy technology utilizing our patented electrode design.

The Problem that we are helping to solve


Global Warming and Air pollution are major problems we have to work on to keep planet earth healthy.  Also the inefficiency of clean energy devices that are on the market today are causing pollution problems all over the world.

With Vegas graphene, ceramic electrode technology we can achieve massive improvement over current clean energy technologies that are on the market today. 

The Opportunity

This is a fantastic business opportunity. You can help the earth’s environment get healthy, create a lot of good high tech jobs, and make a lot of money. Astronomical profits are predicted for Vega Energy Systems Investors. 

We have to stop the polluting of the earth. Our oceans and lakes are getting polluted from the polluted rainfall all over the world. The oceans and lakes are getting so polluted that the fish in the oceans are becoming toxic with mercury poisoning; which is caused from dirty fuels like coal and fossil fuel exhaust. Also people are breathing in the polluted air which is causing all kinds of health problems. 

There is a solution to these problems, we at Vega are helping the solution with our patented electrode technology. 

The Market


Vega's electrode design works on lithium ion batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells, hydrogen generator's and the solar panel market just to name a few of our go to markets.  Vegas electrode design is built better, it has more surface area, it's a more durable design and it has a better efficiency rating than the competitions.

We are focusing on the lithium ion battery market first, because it is the most profitable market.  Vegas patented electrode design works great on lithium ion batterey powered automobiles and fuel cells.. We will work on the other markets that our electrodes work well in as the markets demand.

The Business Model


Vega is looking for a strategic partner in the energy business and Investors. We are willing to sell our patent rights and we will keep a portion of the electrode manufacturing rights.

This is a great opportunity for an aggressive corporation. The electrode market in the USA is about 4 billion electrodes per year. That is a lot of electrodes. Vega plans on capturing at least 35% of the electrode market.

Vega is also looking for professionals and scientist that care about our environments health. 

You can Contact the VP of Vega Energy Systems at: